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About IAD

Subject Area Interaction Design

Interaction designers study and shape interactions between people, things and environments. At ZHdK, our aim to design these in a socially, experientially and ecologically relevant ways. By applying conceptual, methodological and technological skills, our students and researchers imagine and prototype interactive services, products and spaces.

We promote and teach design practice that is continuously entangled with theoretical practice, reflecting on economical, cultural and technological transformations. Our diverse team is composed of colleagues with over 20 years of experience in the fields of human(e)-centered design, spatial and embodied interaction, service design, robotics and critical design as well as in industrial and academic research.

BA, MA and PhD Education

In BA and MA programs, we teach the skills and knowledge needed to research and design interactive experiences by asking aesthetic, technological, and social questions. BA students develop basic design skills ranging from visual communication and product design to programming and electronics. The apply them in studio courses that critically engage with issues concerning technology and related social role of designers. MA students expand their design and research knowledge and deepen their design approach by applying it in Studio courses and a final MA project. PhD candidates develop a practice-based doctoral thesis whose topic connects to one of our research areas.

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