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It is 2021 and Interaction Design department (IAD) at the Zurich University of the Arts is celebrating 20 year anniversary! We organised an exhibition and symposium at Ars Electornica, and are conducting a series of conversations with key figures in the field. Join us in reflecting, experiencing and celebrating!

"Infinite Nows" exhibition is showcasing student works which imagine and create alternative presents through investigative, speculative and experimental practices. The exhibition proposes a variety of ways of taking action that offer us the space to be with and learn from the other. It looks at a range of topics including cross-species interaction, self-perception in deepfakes, inclusive voting systems, antisocial media platforms and other interactive technologies that produce moments of sharing, presence and care.

"On Interaction" symposium reflects on interaction design as a field dealing with the relationality and entanglement of human and non-human actions. IAD team members, our alumni and PhD students present their works and discuss pressing social, political and ecological transformations have brought significant challenges together with fresh approaches to interaction design practice, research and education.